The philosophy of diver watches

Diver Swiss watch is a sport model, as a rule, on a bracelet or a rubber band. They’re traditionally worn on a naked wrist and oftener in summer rather than in winter. Particularly because a distinctive feature of such models is a bezel of a vibrant colour (usually red, orange or yellow).

Specific features of Swiss diver watches

  • High pressure resistance (minimum 200 m) – this resistance is due to a reasonable case structure and the use of high-strength materials. This feature makes sense also in real life, Swiss diver watches differ with durability and keep its stylish look for many years;

  • A one-way turning bezel is built into the model to record the time spent under water – a turning ring, which essentially acts as a timer. The bezel is turned to a mark the minute hand should come to when the appointed time is over. Besides, the bezel is made with a one-way rotating mechanism to prevent it from accidental turning back.

  • A helium valve – protects the watch after rising to the surface. The point is that divers breathe helium at a great depth (over 60 m) and helium molecules can penetrate even through the waterproof seals of the watch. When rising to the surface helium expands and can split the watch. The in-built valve activates at a certain pressure and releases the gas.

  • Large numbers, luminous marks – provide a clear view regardless of lighting and distortion through the water column.

The most popular brands of Swiss diver watches

FrezerHouse experts conducted a study and made up TOP 5 of the most popular Swiss diver watches.

Rolex DeepSea


The most recognizable diver watch in the world. Water-proof to a depth to almost 4 km. Made of stainless super strong alloy 904L. Watch marks stay bright for many years. The bracelet is made based on the technology of Oysterlock (preventing from accidental opening) and Glidelock (making it possible to easily adjust the length depending on the wrist).

Omega Seamaster Professional


Has a helium valve, designed for diving to 300/600 m depending on the model. The Omega diver watch became popularly known thanks to its orange bezel, which became the model’s visit card.

Breitling SuperOcean


A legendary model, which production started in the 60s of the 20th century. The modern version is produced in three color options (bronze, navy blue, and black), has a steel bezel with a ceramic ring, which differs with a high impact property. There’s a chronographic mechanism inside the model certified by the Swiss institute of chronometry. Designed for diving up to 2000 m.

Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine


One of the most popular models in Russia. Besides large numbers it has large, conspicuous hands. The three-level dial have prominent “pointers”, which are also well-seen. Except for high strength, this model differs with a bright recognizable design in half-classic half-futuristic style.

Blancpain 50 phantoms


Divers with this Swiss watch would never lose their way in dark water, since the numbers on it glow with different colors, making it possible to tell the time at first sight. For this purpose it’s covered with 6 layers of luminous paint. The model is designed for 120 hours without winding and differs with high resistance to wear.

Certainly, the choice of a watch is often determined not only by functions but its look. FrezerHouse consultants are always ready to help you to choose the best solution depending on your lifestyle and tell about use characteristics of one or another model in detail.