Bracelet or band?

Your comfort and style depend on the right choice between a bracelet and band for a Swiss watch. Even such seemingly minor things as fasteners play an important role.


A bracelet for a Swiss watch is massive, expensive-looking, and stylish. The most important thing is that it almost never wears out. It may require polishing after some time, but it is still much cheaper than replacing a band. You will have to adjust the size, of course, but just once.

There is only one drawback – owners with hairy hands can get it stuck in the bracelet, which doesn't feel good.

Perfectly combines with open models with polo/sports style


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A band for a Swiss watch is comfortable and lightweight. It can be adjusted for the wrist width. Unfortunately, this is not the most durable option – you will have to replace it in 3-5 years.

Perfectly combines with a formal suit.

Rubber band

A Swiss watch worn with rubber band is especially relevant in summer. However, this solution will not work with a shirt due to a band thickness. The rubber bracelet is quite durable and will require a replacement only after 7 years.

Perfectly combines with a sports style

NATO band

NATO nylon bands are very durable. They don't irritate the wrist and do not cause allergies. A wide range of colors allows to find an option for any clothes and stress your hobby (for example, choosing the colors of your favorite sports club flag).

The only drawback is a shorter service life compared to other options.

Perfectly combines with a sports style


A spike (buckle) is a classic fastener for those who like traditions.

A clip is usually used in bracelets. It is important to have a metal of high quality, otherwise premature deformation can occur. That is why FrezerHouse carefully checks the quality of every fastener.

A folding clasp is a great sports option.

Folding clasps and clips are more durable – watches are put on faster with them. If you decide to choose a band for a Swiss watch, you won't have to worry about the bends (which is one of the most frequent replacement reasons).

It is important to remember that bands, bracelets, and fasteners are “accessories” that make your watch unique. This is why we recommend you to get advice from FrezerHouse experts first.

They will take all your preferences (style of your clothes, pastime, etc.) into account and help you choose the best option.

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