Top-5 Swiss racing watches

Swiss racing watches were initially created for race track masters. Their unique features – a chronograph and a tachymeter scale – are explained by this fact. 

Many have at least heard about the former – we need it to accurately measure time spans. 

But we should tell about the latter a little bit more. The tachymeter scale measures speed in kilometers per hour. How it is done? Countdown is activated by button when movement starts. As soon as you traveled 1 km, you stop countdown. It is also done by button. A number where the hand stops will be the average speed in km per hour.

Moreover, Swiss racing watches are watches not only for races. This is a certain style. It can be said, this is a universal style in sport watches, since you can wear them both in winter and summer. On a bracelet, a leather band and even on nylon or kevlar. 

The most popular models of Swiss racing watches

1. Omega Speedmaster

The legendary classics of Swiss watches with a tachymeter. This is the first watch that flew to the Moon. By the way, it managed to get there already 6 times. This series has a wide choice of different models both in elegant and tough version. That’s why everyone can choose these racing watches to fit your individual image. As part of Speedmaster a model with a dial made of a piece of an actual meteorite is even released.  

2. TAG Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen

TAG Heuer brand basically specializes in the production of watches for races. However, Monaco Steve McQueen is so-called icing on the cake. This Swiss watch was produced to honor famous racer Steve McQueen. The distinctive features of the model are scratchproof sapphire crystal, water-proofness to 100 m, phenomenal movement accuracy and, of course, recognizable navy blue square dial – for outstanding and decisive persons. The way McQueen was.

3. Rolex Daytona

Daytona, which marked its 50th anniversary, is a professional watch for races, which can measure speed to 400 km per hour. However, it is also capable of measuring miles and other speed measures. The watch is so much leakproof that famous swimmer Mercedes Gleitze in her time crossed the English Channel wearing it. And the movement continued to work as if nothing had happened. The model is quite rare – there’s even an international turn for 10 in advance for the steel series.

4. Chopard Mille Miglia

Another one legendary collection this time dedicated to the Mille Miglia race that actually became its symbol. The watches for races are manufactured in two versions – classical and modern ones. One thing is the same in any option – unique manufactory calibres produced by Fleurier Ebauches. The series distinctive feature is a special band with a pattern in the form of a protector. 

5. Graham Silverstone

Swiss racing watches with a recognizable large dial and convenient clear-cut buttons were released in honor of Formula 1. Its name the series got owing to one of tricky right turns on the legendary track. The watch case is made of stainless steel. A limited edition of models with a rubber band and also watches with a carbonic dial particular stand out in the series.

If you’re interested in these models or you’d like to choose a Swiss racing watch, but you’re uncertain, please, make sure to address Frezer consultants. We’ll help you to find the ideal option, which will impress you.

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