How to service Swiss watches?

Repassage of Swiss watches is an end-to-end servicing, which allows to significantly extend the service life and avoid failures.

Servicing of Swiss watches includes the following:

  • dismantling

  • special cleansing of the mechanism

  • new grease

  • rubbers replacement (to restore the perfect air tightness)

  • adjustment of the timegrapher accuracy

How often do Swiss watches need servicing?

The rules are that Swiss watches need servicing every 3-5 years (depending on the manufacturer). However, the practice of Frezer House indicates that it is better to order repassage of Swiss watches as needed.

Signs that are an alert:

  • uneven running

  • watches run down faster than one day/night

  • watches began coming to a stop

Most problems usually arise because of the grease thickening. If you apply for the Swiss watches servicing in a timely manner, you will get your watch back in the perfect condition.

Before these signs appear, repassage is not needed. The mechanism of Swiss watches is extremely vulnerable: even during professional servicing of Swiss watches, small specks of dust get inside and affect accuracy – one way or another. Therefore, it is better not be overdiligent with Swiss watch servicing.

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