What material in watch is better?

Good look or durability, price or investment attractiveness – you need to keep all the nuances in mind when choosing the material for a Swiss watch, because the "golden mean" does not exist, unfortunately. This is where priorities come to the fore.


Steel Swiss watches are the most durable. This material is difficult to scratch, which means that the model almost does not wear out over years.

On the other hand, steel is heavier than other materials. As such, the lovers of light watches should pay attention to other options.


It is close to steel by durability but much lighter. Even massive watches from titanium will not be your burden.


Golden Swiss watches are high-status and luxury. However, you should remember that it is a soft material. It is easily scratched. It loses its luster in about a year and becomes matte.

If you still opted for this material, please remember that white gold is the most inexpensive, yellow gold is the golden mean, and pink gold will be the most high-status.


It is a durable material that almost does not scratch but looks distinctive and modern.

PVD coating

A stylish black and matte design will stress your uniqueness, but the projecting parts inevitably get polished to a metallic color. The coating restoration is 5 times more expensive than polishing.


Platinum Swiss watches are true status markers. At the same time, they are much more durable and heavier than golden ones.


It is a lightweight material for Swiss watches, which looks quite elegant but wears out very quickly and changes color after scratches and bumps. The watch looks like plastic over time. This is why FrezerHouse customers prefer to opt for a watch with a carbon insert in places that are the least worn – for instance, in the area of ​​a face or a bezel.

It is important to remember that carbon is not repairable. It can only be replaced.

Rare metals

Aluminum, palladium, and tantalum – the models from these metals look fresh and interesting, but it's just a trend. They may appear not a very good choice for an investment. When the trend vanishes, they will be quite difficult to sell.


If you still have any doubts about the watch selection, don't hesitate to contact FrezerHouse consultants. We will help you choose the best model, with due consideration for your individual wishes, capabilities, and plans.