What you should not do with Swiss watches?

In 90% cases requests for help, specifying the errors of a Swiss watch, are actually related to misunderstanding of basic twists and turns of mechanics.

Follow these simple rules and even everyday wearing of a Swiss watch won’t do it any harm and it will serve you for many years.

1. Don’t change the date, when the hour hand is nearing 12

Different models can have different rules. In case of some watches you shouldn’t change time from 10 to 2, in case of other – from 8 to 4. Models with perpetual or Moon calendar are particularly sensitive in this regard, where you change moon's phases, months and week days using a special pusher button.

To avoid mistakes and not to immerse yourself in technical nuances, turn hands only at 6 hours. This is universal time, which makes it work for all models.

Attention! You can set the clock forward only in models with a retrograde movement. However, in this case setting at 6 hours is also absolutely safe. The main thing is not to turn hands back.

2. Put the clock only forward

Addition to the previous point. Despite these are models with a retrograde movement, which are particularly sensitive to this rule, it’s better to make it a rule to put the clock only forward. This will help you to avoid random accidents.

3. Tighten the watch crown

The errors of Swiss watches are often due to the fact that owners forget to tighten the watch crown, moisture gets there and the internal part covers with rust.

4. Wind a watch properly

When winding, make sure to turn off all functions (particularly, make sure to reset seconds counter). And don’t go over the top – 10-15 turns will be enough.

5. Avoid X-ray and door frame metal detectors

If you wear a Swiss watch every day, try not to put it into X-ray screeners and not to go through powerful door frame metal detectors. Small metal detectors won’t do any harm, but after the airport ones the movement could magnetize and become fast for 10 minutes a day.

To demagnetize it you will have to take it to the service centre. Firstly, it costs a considerable sum of money on its own. Plus, dust gets to the watch after disassembling with a 100% guarantee, and this will have an impact on its further price, if you decide to sell it.

Attention! Omega Railmaster or Rolex Milgauss – are special models of watches made of non-magnetizable materials. No metal detectors are threat to them.

Now when you know the arrangement of Swiss watches at the level of power user, you may not worry about the reliability of this device. Follow the simple rules and in 10-15 years your watch will be like new.

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